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Well. What kind of arcana are you ? Nevermind. You'll always be safe here, whatever gloomy this place can feel like. You belong in here.

You have returned to the torture-chambers
To find peace among the rotting corpses
You have returned to the execution place
To inhale the smell of blood
Master of disharmony
Welcome my tainted soul
Take me from the hordes of the living
Into the blessed darkness
Master of disorder
Take my impure flesh
Lead me unto the path of temptation
A scarlet sunset
The threshold to nightplay 
A sinful oath is to be sworn 
A beckoning bloodlust
Among the seekers
Tyrannic hunger yearns
Bygone are tolerance 
And presence of grace
Scavengers are set out
To cleanse the human filth parade
Cold silence 
Has a tendency
To atrophy any
Sense of compassion
I decompose in rapture ov hells 
Dissolve, divide, disintegrate 
I am yours
In euphoria below
Elohim ! I shall not forgive! 
Adonai ! I shall not forgive! 
Living God ! I shall not the forgive!
Jesus Christ ! I forgive thee not!
If I am a missing link between the pig and the divine 
I shall cast the pearls before the swine
You point your finger and play the victim 
So take your best shot
Release the pressure 
You perpetrate your propaganda
And now I'm calling you out
No man is ever truly good 
No man is every truly evil 
I do the things you never could 
And we won't ever be equal