Palais mental.

De quelle couleur est un ange? 
“Intoxicated by moral narcotics, one speaks of the right of the individual to defend oneself. In the same sense one might also speak of their right to attack.”

“God is useless if he does not want anything, and moreover this means positing a summation of displeasure and unlogic which would debase the total value of becoming. Fortunately, such a summmarizing power is missing.”

“The feeling of pleasure lies precisely in the dissatisfaction of the will, and that the will is never satisfied unless it has opponents and resistance. The happy man is a herd ideal.”
Buried in a name you don’t own 
Numb lungs on a rotten throne 
The tainted wreath you once wore 
Has rusted your eyes, breed sore 
The raw, smothered ditch has deepened, 
Spitting rubbles and decayed oaths. 
No other witness than your loathe 
Can expound your shivers, heathen! 

Silky throat ensnaring the herd, 
Howling at yours dense, blurred, 
Shallow words.     
« Je marcherai les yeux fixés sur mes pensées, 
Sans rien voir au dehors, sans entendre aucun bruit »

La texture. 

obscur ; retiré ; paisible ; caché ; subtil ; pacifique ; sérénité ; calme ; à distance